With our guarantee of prompt and effective legal services, we have become trusted legal advisors to some of the world’s brightest entrepreneurs and leading companies. The Patent King’s stated mission is to “Apply all necessary aspects of intellectual property law such as trademarks and copyrights, to create patent portfolios which will protect our client’s inventions and withstand potential patent challenges”.

The Patent King values its excellent reputation for drafting high quality patent applications which consistently results in our client’s applications’ being allowed and issued into a US patent.

Due to our extensive intellectual property protection experience and confidence in our finished work product, we have adapted a “fixed fee quote for services” model to keep our fees affordable. Prior to work beginning, our clients agree to the terms of our representation which are clearly stated, understood and agreed to before any services are rendered.

Start protecting the fruits of your creativity, labor and hard work and schedule a free telephone consultation so that we may answer any questions you may have about the patent process and our services.